Am I allowed to use the designs without restrictions?

You may use the designs for your own personal use without limitations. You may also sell what you have produced as long as you label each item with the remark “embroidery design by Gabrielles Atelier”.

You are not allowed to share the files or sell them. If someone else wants to use our designs please feel free to share the link to our website.

What payment methods do you accept?

The only payment method is through PayPal. It’s easy, safe and fast. You don’t need a PayPal account if paying by VISA or Mastercard.

What machine format do you offer?

You get every design as a zip-file containing the formats dst, exp, hus, jef, pcs, sew and pes.
(You also get a PDF-information sheet.)

Nearly every software or machine will be able to load at least one of these formats. You can test it before by downloading one of the freebies that we offer in our blog. If you need help or another format just send an email to info@gabrielles-embroidery.com with details and we will try to help you.

How do you present your designs?

Every design is embroidered and tested. The images you find on our website are always photos made of the genuine embroideries and not simulations rendered by computers. No tricks!

Is there any opportunity to test the designs beforehand?

We even strongly advise some test! Just go to our blog and download one of the Freebies. If you can open a freebie zip-file and your software or machine accepts one of the included data formats you will not have any difficulties with any other design as long as the dimensions of the design does not exceeds the limits of your machine.

I have ordered some designs. Where can I find the downloads?

Go to our website and login to your account. As soon as your payment has been confirmed you will find every design there ready for download.

Which threads do you recommend?

All of our designs are digitized for use of Rayon or polyester threads of the standard thickness 40.

All color numbers on the PDF-information sheet refer to Madeira Classic No. 40 threads.

I have loaded the design into my software /machine but the colors don’t match!

When you load a design into your machine only the stitch information is unmistakable. So just ignore the colors your machine displays and follow the list on the PDF-information sheet.

A black outline should remain black but a lot of designs allow you to vary the colors just after your own taste. Don’t forget that color effect also depends on the color of the fabric you are embroidering.

You can find the color sequence on the PDF-information sheet. With some designs you have to take the exact colors to get the color effect you see at the image. In these cases you will find the color numbers of Madeira Classic-threads.

Can I resize the designs?

Normally resizing should be possible up to 20 % - but we don’t recommend it. If you want to try it nevertheless you always should test the resized design on fabric similar to your original project.

I have some problems with the downloaded files. Where can I get help?

Just contact us or send us an email and tell us about it.

I have made a mistake. Can I return the downloaded files?

We are really sorry but digital files can’t be returned. As soon as the file is listed in your account and you can download it, the transaction is finished. Still In some cases we may help you, e.g. you ordered the same design twice. Just contact us or send us an email.